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Estates & Trusts

Individuals and businesses come to Owen Hodge Lawyers for assistance in planning, organising, managing and transferring assets.

Our lawyers focus on understanding and responding to clients’ needs and on planning wealth protection. We assist families to maintain and to use wealth to enrich the lives of their children and grandchildren, as well as providing for their own financial security.


IndividualsCorporationsFoundations and not-for-profit entitiesClosely held business interestsExecutors

What clients ask us to do:

Work with them to derive maximum benefit for themselves and their families from their resources.Plan and administer estates and trusts.Represent clients’ estates and trusts before courts, if necessary.Coordinate and oversee the work of clients’ other professional advisors.Consult specialist advisers for complex taxation advice.Provide advice and assistance in associated fields such as real estate, mergers and acquisitions, family businesses and disputes.

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