Australia provides the safest and most business friendly environment for foreign investors and multinational companies in the world. Australian companies and some other entities, such as listed trusts, are regulated under the Corporations Act, 2001 by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and other types of entity, such as co-operatives and associations, are subject to State Legislations.

Australia has the most transparent and well organised regulatory environment in the world. It takes only two days to start up a business and it has been ranked as the third fastest place in the world to initiate and commence any business operation.
The legal and regulatory framework has also been rated as one of the top six economies in the world for encouraging enterprise competition.
The Government commits to improve continuously in areas such as intellectual property reform and business immigration, which ensures an efficient and business focused regulatory environment. Recent reforms focus on greater labour market flexibility, trade liberalisation, industry deregulation, reductions in tariff barriers and the development of a better tax system, which result in strong productivity thereby enabling businesses to be highly responsive to economic conditions.

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