As a guide, Owen Hodge Lawyers would like our clients to know the maximum penalties and the minimum and automatic periods of disqualifications for drink driving charges in NSW so that they are aware of the penalties they may be charged with without our assistance.

After the first consultation we can discuss the likely outcomes and enter pleas accordingly. Ultimately it is open to a court not to impose any penalty but dismiss the charge under section 10 of the Crimes Act.  If an order is made under section 10 there is no criminal conviction recorded and no disqualification or fine imposed.

You may not be aware, but there are a number of defences available to a person charged with drink driving. The following are a few of the common methods available to defend a drink driving charge:

  • Challenging the reading;
  • Honest & Reliable mistake;
  • The two hour rule;
  • The home safe rule.

For more information, talk to our team of Sydney-based criminal defence lawyers at Owen Hodge Lawyers.

Drink driving penalties in NSW – First Major offence* within 5 years


Drink driving penalties in NSW – Second or subsequent major offence within 5 years


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