Review your home loan

Over the years your needs and priorities may change and ideally your home loan should change to reflect these new requirements. This is where we can help. At OH Mortgage Solutions, we are able to assess whether your home loan is still the most suitable loan available to you. You may now be in the position to:

  • reduce your repayments
  • pay off your loan sooner
  • take on an investment property
  • “top up” your home loan
  • restructure your financial commitments

There may be loans on the market that can save you thousands and help you own your home sooner.

Consolidate your finances

Significant savings may be available by consolidating all your finances. The days of having a home loan, a personal loan or overdraft, a car loan, a savings account, a cheque account and owing money on credit cards are over.

Financially, it is far more efficient to consolidate all your loans. As home loan rates are significantly lower than those for personal loans, overdrafts and credit cards, but significantly higher than savings and cheque account rates, it makes sense to consolidate everything into your home loan account.

Minimise your mortgage

By effectively structuring your finances, you can significantly reduce your mortgage. Arranging part of your salary to be credited directly to the loan, making additional repayments, setting up an interest offset facility or a line of credit, are all options that can have very beneficial results.

By sticking to a workable budget in conjunction with some of the above options, you can repay your loans much more quickly and save vast amounts of interest.
To find out how much interest you can save and how many years you can take off your loan, contact us today.

Pre-application checklist

One way to make the refinancing process quick and simple is to ensure you have all the necessary documentation before you apply for a new loan.

Below we have outlined the minimum documentation required if you are refinancing your loan.

Income: PAYG

  • Three of your most recent payslips plus your last two group certificates of tax returns.


  • Copies of the past two years tax returns for all applicants. Commitments
  • Other loan repayment statements for previous three months.
  • Current credit card statements for previous three months.
  • Details of personal guarantees. Property Details
  • Latest rate notice.
  • Last 12 months loan statements.

Please contact us if your situation has changed or will change in the future and are considering refinancing:

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