Sue has worked in the legal profession since 1973 and has had experience in a variety of areas of law.

Sue commenced working in Hurstville with the firm Forrest Dufty in 1975 and continued with Owen Hodge when they took over the firm in 1989.

Sue has concentrated on the area of Estate Administration since 1988, becoming an integral member of the Seniors & Estates Department at Owen Hodge Lawyers today. Since the completion of her degree in 2000, Sue has chosen to continue expanding her expertise in this area and Elder Law.

Sue’s aim when dealing with clients is to minimise the stress and anxiety during the grieving process and to efficiently administer the estate as quickly as possible. Sue does this while, at the same time, being sensitive to the needs of the client and communicating with them in such a way that they understand what is happening at any stage in the course of a matter.