Initial consultation with Laura

After my initial consultation with Laura I knew she was someone who will at least try and help me. Laura had the heart, the drive and determination to do her best and she really gave it everything. Her hard work, extensive knowledge of the law and the way she presented herself in front of a judge paid off; on 8 March, 2017 final orders in favour of our request in the application were made in the first instance. This only happened because of Laura. Laura genuinely wanted to do the right thing for someone who was being failed by all other authorities that are supposed to be there to protect a person. Not one single authority outside of the courts I approached was able to help me, however Laura never gave up. Based on my experience with Laura and the fact that she works for Owen Hodge Lawyers is a testament to the Law practise’s integrity and values. I have mentioned Laura and Owen Hodge Lawyers to my network of friends and colleagues and will continue to do so because of my own personal experience.