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Off the Plan Sales/Purchases

Owen Hodge Lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with conveyancing for off the plan property transactions in NSW.

An off-the-plan contract is a contract for the sale of land, unit or townhouse that has not been issued with a separate title on the date that the contract is entered into.

Checking of contracts is an important aspect of conveyancing, when dealing with buying and selling off-the-plan. There are problematic areas to be aware of when purchasing off-the-plan and careful consideration of the details of contracts is required on both the part of the buyer and the seller. Lack of scrutiny and attention to detail with regard to contract clauses can cause extra costs and time delays for developers and buyers alike.

Oversights can be avoided by engaging our conveyancing experts. Owen Hodge Lawyers brings over 50 years of conveyancing experience to oversee all conveyancing matters, ensuring that client’s rights are protected. This specialised and personal service takes the stress out of off-the-plan conveyancing. Needless to say, this type of property transfer requires clarity from the beginning.

Professional conveyancing ensures that clients comply with the requirements of relevant legislation. The payment of duties and the lodging of documents by due dates needs to be handled by experts, taking the worry out of the overall process.

Owen Hodge Lawyers will ensure you avoid serious penalties and costs of breaches, through professional guidance and expert handling. While the calculation of settlement figures and adjustments is an essential part of ensuring the process runs effortlessly.

Buying off the plan can have many advantages, including input to design and fittings at an early stage, saving money as surrounding property values increase, and getting a good price at the beginning of sales promotion. There are, however, disadvantages when buying the “unseen” property. Owen Hodge Lawyer can assist you with the process, and achieve the outcome you desire, so contact the conveyancing team on 1800 770 780.