The team of motor vehicle accident lawyers at Sydney’s Owen Hodge Lawyers provides expert legal advice on car accident compensation.

A person injured in a motor vehicle accident can claim compensation if the motor vehicle accident was the fault of another driver.

The Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 covers people injured in motor vehicle accidents from 5 October 1999. It is important to remember that the accident must be reported to Police within 24 hours. Find out more about making a personal injury claim with Owen Hodge Lawyers. If you’re looking for the law firm Sydney residents trust, look no further.

There are many forms that need to be completed and lodged within specific time frames, you should see your lawyer to fill out the correct forms as soon as possible. Persons injured in a motor vehicle accident can get the following compensation:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred as a result of injuries
  • Loss of wages for any time for which the injured person is off work because of the injuries
  • The cost if help in the home is required because of the injuries beyond the 1st five days
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • In some cases a lump sum for pain, suffering and inconvenience if the level of disability meets the required threshold
  • Future wage loss if appropriate
  • Future medical and other expenses if necessary

Owen Hodge Lawyers have a team of personal injury lawyers who can advise you on and assist you with the procedures involved in lodging a claim for compensation and advise you on the amount of compensation payable.

If you need any assistance with this topic, please contact Owen Hodge’s specialist motor vehicle accident lawyers in Sydney.

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