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When a company is in financial difficulty, a team of expert insolvency lawyers, who understand the obligations and rights of both creditors and debtors, is crucial in obtaining the best possible outcome. The commercial litigation team at Owen Hodge Lawyers is here to help.

Bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers Sydney

Insolvency lawyers Sydney

As one of Sydney’s best law firms, our insolvency legal services cover all aspects of the insolvency process, including:

  • Liquidation and corporate insolvency
  • Appointment of receivers and managers
  • Deeds of company arrangement
  • Voluntary administration
  • Debt recovery claims

We provide strategic advice on all aspects of solvency, for companies and also for individual directors. Our insolvency lawyers are some of the best in the business.

Bankruptcy lawyers Sydney

At Owen Hodge Lawyers, our corporate insolvency team includes experienced administration and bankruptcy lawyers. In combination with advanced, technology-driven process management, this leads to positive outcomes for our clients at low relative costs.

We provide a detailed estimate of fees and expenses upfront, and we’ll also advise you as to your chances of success. Owen Hodge Lawyers’ insolvency services also include acting for banks, liquidators and other organisations in recovery actions for unpaid debts.

Our insolvency practitioners are all expert business litigators, highly skilled at advising companies on the details of the Corporations Act 2001. Insolvency law and corporate restructuring can be complex, but with the help and guidance of Owen Hodge Lawyers, we’ll ensure you get the best possible result.

If you need any assistance with corporate or personal insolvency, please contact our experienced insolvency lawyers in Sydney or browse the information below.

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