Business and property owners have a duty of care over anybody who moves through their premises. Individuals are therefore able to make a public liability claim when they suffer an injury as the result of improper care taken by the business owners, government authority’s or by another person.

It is therefore required of these businesses to take out public liability insurance, to cover themselves in case of an accident.

Lodging a claim

The process of claiming for public liability can be complicated and can differ greatly between different matters. A consultation with a lawyer will help you to ensure you have covered all the essential steps and have all the required documentation. The following steps are examples of requirement during the claim process;

Step 1: Demonstrate the extent of the damage caused to you

Step 2: Prove that the injuries are a result of the incident

Step 3: Prove negligence of the business or property owner

Step 4: Finally, it is important that you prove that the accident was not your fault

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