Excellent talk by James Kelly

The information provided, both in the excellent talk by James Kelly and the handout, was extremely beneficial as an outline on a number of legal aspects. Just a word of caution however in that, whilst there appear to be benefits in taking certain one course of action, there can also be expenses or problems that result for it. As is often said “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”. Please therefore seek advice professional advice before jumping in and changing your present position if you think any action is necessary.

Denis Solari

With regard to reference of your services

I would like to acknowledge the professionalism of documenting and accounting through the service. I consider that they have been concise, well presented and cost effective in the circumstances. Staff have been cordial and supportive.

I would like to state my appreciation of the skills, professionalism, compassion and empathy that Laura Gardiner has ongoingly offered, and provided for, through this trying time in my life. Laura's management of my matter through settlement has been diligent, committed, powerful and impressive.

I would like to share my thanks and gratitude to Laura for her excellent work, and my appreciation to the colleagues of Owen Hodge. I can recommend your services with the highest praise.

Anthony Carmichael

Initial consultation with Laura

After my initial consultation with Laura I knew she was someone who will at least try and help me. Laura had the heart, the drive and determination to do her best and she really gave it everything. Her hard work, extensive knowledge of the law and the way she presented herself in front of a judge paid off; on 8 March, 2017 final orders in favour of our request in the application were made in the first instance. This only happened because of Laura. Laura genuinely wanted to do the right thing for someone who was being failed by all other authorities that are supposed to be there to protect a person. Not one single authority outside of the courts I approached was able to help me, however Laura never gave up. Based on my experience with Laura and the fact that she works for Owen Hodge Lawyers is a testament to the Law practise’s integrity and values. I have mentioned Laura and Owen Hodge Lawyers to my network of friends and colleagues and will continue to do so because of my own personal experience.

Ms Cheang

Thank Debbie and James

Just a quick note to thank Debbie and James for the great work you did for Dad in the sale of his Greglea unit. You made the sale for me very easy to deal with and I appreciate the effort you put into it.

Margaret Crawford

Thanks so much for looking after us

“Just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks so much for looking after us. I know it is your job, but your professionalism and efficiency is second to none. From the very first phone call until the settlement, it has been seamless and courteous. I have dealt with Lawyers in the past and it has been frustrating to say the least .i.e. they never take my calls, take all day to get back to me, slow at responding etc…

…Thank you once again Sheree. Argy Property recommended Owen Hodge in the first instance and I will be recommending them to bring more business down your way!


Increased my cash collection

“I have been dealing with Owen Hodge Lawyers for approximately 2 years now, in that time they have increased my cash collections by 100%. Their assistance in the recovery of doubtful debts has been exceptional.

The prompt response to request and the friendly manner of the staff is second to none. The staff are both friendly and highly knowledgeable in the requirements of commercial collections.

If you are in the market for a firm who is target driven while ensuring exceptional customer service, Owen Hodge are definitely the firm to engage. Many thanks to the team for both their expertise and honest and reliable advice.”

Christina Safar

Thank you for all of the assistance

“A short note to thank you for all of the assistance you gave us recently. Thanks for taking all of my calls and for meeting with me at short notice. We realise the effort on your part to co-ordinate all of the processes in such a short time frame …. but we made it!”

Deborah Chowns

I won my case at the Guardianship Tribunal

“I won my case at the Guardianship Tribunal yesterday.. After discussions with my mother, we agreed that it would be in my aunt’s best interest to have the Public Guardian take over as I just cannot manage her doctor’s appointments, support care arrangements, dental, optical appointments etc from so far away… I did however retain my Enduring Power of Attorney position, and it was upgraded to being my aunt’s Private Manager.

The process was the most anxiety producing experience that I think I’ve ever had to go through… I feel very confident that the correct decision was reached by the Tribunal. Thank you again so much for all your advice and support. It has been invaluable.

Thank you so much again.”

Lisa Terrill