Motor vehicle and road accidents account for a large number of personal injury claims and can result in significant financial expense.

Any personal injury suffered from a motor vehicle accident without any fault means that you are able to make a claim for compensation for your personal injuries. However, even if you are partly at fault, you may still be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

Following are the most common types of injuries caused due to motor vehicle accident:

Brain & head injuries;

Whiplash injuries;

Back injuries;

Spine injuries;

Other personal injuries.

Personal injury claims have different laws and limitation periods in every different states and territories in Australia.

Brain & Head Injuries

Brain and head injuries are the most common types of injuries caused due to motor vehicle accident. It can range from relatively minor damages to the scalp and face to more serious consequences involving permanent damage to the brain.

It is important to properly identify permanent and future problems caused by a brain and head injuries, so that you and your family members receive the best possible award for your personal injuries compensation claim.

Following are the key considerations for a serious brain and head injury claim:

Medical and rehabilitation costs;

Future medical expenses in relation to injuries sustained in the accident;

Past economic loss such as loss of wages while recovering from the accident;

Future economic loss where the working life is reduced as a result of the injuries;

Lump sum compensation if there is a permanent impairment as a result of the injuries;

Lump sum compensation for pain and suffering; and

Legal costs in relation to the claim for compensation.

Whiplash Injuries

Generally people, who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, suffer some degree of ‘Whiplash’ ranging from neck stiffness to pain and numbness.

If you are experiencing severe pain and discomfort, the doctor diagnoses you as you are suffering from a ‘Whiplash-Associated Disorder’ (WAD). Following are some common symptoms of WAD:

Lack of improvement since the time of the motor vehicle accident;

Neck pain, including stiffness to the point where you are experiencing pain and difficulty in doing normal everyday tasks such as *Turning your neck when parking your car;

Arm numbness and weakness including pins and needles in the arm; or

Nausea, drowsiness or confusion.

The amount of compensation depends on the severity of the ‘Whiplash’ injury and whether you have been diagnosed with a WAD. However, if you are suffering from mild ‘Whiplash’ injury, you are may still be entitled to receive payment for your medical and rehabilitation expenses, any loss of wages and payment for legal expenses.

Back Injury

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may suffer from a mild but persistent lower or upper back pain, or the far more serious and traumatic spinal cord injuries. You can lodge a claim for motor accident compensation, if you are suffering from back injury, so that your medical and rehabilitation expenses are paid by the concerned insurance company.

If you have suffered a severe back injury in a motor vehicle accident, the concerned doctor or medical specialist diagnoses the injury as a spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury means that you have suffered a traumatic injury to your spinal cord resulting in temporary or permanent sensory or motor deficit or bladder/bowel dysfunction.

There are various medical costs and treatment expenses involved in a back injury. Some of these are expenses for medical attention, pain relief, medicine, physical therapies such as physiotherapy, surgery, retraining, physical aids, rehabilitation services and counselling.

If you are suffering from any type of injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident, Owen Hodge Lawyers can help you in getting maximum compensation payment for your medical treatment and to support your recovery and rehabilitation.

Feel free to contact our experts to provide you assistance in this matter.

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