Owen Hodge Lawyers supports Australia’s multicultural society and also understands that English is a second language for many people living in Australia. There is an evident need to provide legal services in languages other than English and we are happy to inform our clients that we have a number of staff who speak various other languages and can competently provide legal advice in these languages.

Owen Hodge Lawyers aim is to give clients access to legal advice that they can understand. The following languages are spoken by our staff listed below:

French – Richard Farmer, Mal Stoddart

Greek – Hellen Dimas, Patty Tobar

Macedonian – Mirjana Taleski, Kristina Despotovski, Sue McCudden

Mandarin – Karen Cho, Shirley Lao

Cantonese – Karen Cho

Arabic – Christine Vrahas, Tavan Hasan

Kurdish – Tavan Hasan

Spanish – Daniela Sandoval, Kaku Caro

Portuguese – Daniela Sandoval, Kaku Caro, Aniele Nogueira

Japanese – Kaku Caro, Marika Turnbull

Hindi – Chris Singh, Imran Mir, Pooja Kapur

Fijian-Hindi – Chris Singh,

Fijian – Chris Singh, Krislyn Sinclair

Punjabi – Pooja Kapur, Imran Mir

If our staff members are unable to speak your preferred language we are pleased to inform you that interpreters can be arranged in most other languages.

We kindly ask you to advise us in advance if you require our assistance in another language, or whether an interpreter is required. Please call to discuss your language needs on 1800 770 780.

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