Motorbike and bicycle accidents may result from defective road surfaces, negligent driving of other motor vehicle, road obstructions, inadequate road repairs, and spills and overtaking. Whether you are a victim of a motorbike or a bicycle accident, you have a right to claim compensation for any personal injury sustained by you provided there was no negligent act on your part.

The vehicle accident lawyers at Sydney’s Owen Hodge Lawyers can help you claim any compensation you may be entitled to.

If you are a victim of a motorbike or a bicycle accident and you want to exercise your right of claiming compensation, you should establish negligence of another party. This will require you to report about the accident to the Police and seek medical attention. It is also important for you to retain all your medical reports for the purpose of claiming compensation. The Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer of the negligent party will be liable to pay you the compensation.

You should lodge the motor accident personal injury claim form with the relevant CTP insurer within such time as may be specified by the law of the State where your accident took place. While making the claim, you might be required to provide certain documentary evidences relating to the expenses incurred by you and these include:

  • Receipts of all medical expenses;
  • Receipts for travel and other expenses incurred in the process of receiving treatment;
  • Proof of income such as tax returns;
  • Documents evidencing your incapability to work such as medical certificates and sick leave forms;
  • Proof of loss of your income such as a letter from your employer; and
  • Records obtained from your accountant evidencing that you have lost work opportunities in case you run a business.
  • Depending upon the seriousness of your injury and the State where the accident took place, you will be entitled to a compensation that may include:
  • Reimbursement of hospital, medical and rehabilitation expenses;
  • Compensation for any past and future economic loss and impending medical expenses in relation to the injuries sustained by you;
  • Payment of any lump sum amount in situations where the injury has resulted in permanent impairment;
  • Payment of a lump sum amount for your pain and suffering;
  • Payment of death benefits and funeral expenses in cases where the injury resulted in death; and
  • Payment of legal costs in relation to the claim for compensation.

Owen Hodge’s experienced vehicle accident lawyers in Sydney can help you in getting compensation in case of a motorbike or bicycle accident. Feel free to contact our team of experts to advise you on your rights to claim compensation.

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