Our relationship with family members and loved ones can provide us with some of life’s most rewarding benefits, showering us with love, laughter and success. However, there are times when these relationships experience a breakdown, presenting challenges that are simply too great to overcome. 

In these circumstances, people are encouraged to reach out and speak to professionals about their issues – specialist divorce lawyers, for example. This is especially important where your decisions may have an impact on your rights, obligations or impact the rights of others. 

To ensure you are being heard and that you are fully informed about your options upon separation and divorce, be sure to engage a family lawyer who has not only the qualifications to practice family law, but who understands your needs and has the life experience to get you through this. At Owen Hodge Lawyers, the family law team has you covered.

Our family lawyers have expertise in:

  • Divorce 
  • De facto relationships and same sex cases
  • Property settlement
  • Spouse maintenance
  • Asset protection and discovery
  • Complex financial arrangements involving companies, trusts, self-managed superfunds and third party equity claims
  • Parenting cases and Binding Child Support Agreements
  • Relocation cases

Owen Hodge family lawyers
What is family law?

Family law primarily deals with the following:

  1. Financial matters and how assets and liabilities are to be divided between spouses and / or third parties;
  2. Parenting matters, time arrangements and financial support for children;
  3. Spousal maintenance for reasonable costs of living where the other spouse has capacity to pay; and
  4. Divorce proceedings to formalise the end of your marriage.

There are many other areas of practice that family lawyers can assist you with, including:

At Owen Hodge Lawyers, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of lawyers in a number of departments so that we can provide quality legal advice for all your legal needs.

Do I need a family lawyer?

Family lawyers assist people who have experienced a breakdown in their personal relationship and require assistance to help them formalise their separation so they can move on with life free from issues or claims in future.

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia allow people to represent themselves however it is a complex and strategic jurisdiction so they are often left vulnerable and uninformed, increasing the cost and delay for all concerned. That’s why it is always best to get expert legal advice early, minimise the risk of ongoing litigation and ensure your assets in future are protected from further claim.

All discussions are private and confidential, so be sure to book in for an initial conference. Be proactive and call us today on 1800 770 780. Let us help you.

Family Law Lawyers
Kristy-Lee Burns

Kristy-Lee Burns


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Sarah Hunter


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