Our relationships with family members and loved ones can provide us with some of life’s most rewarding benefits. However, there are times when these relationships break down, presenting challenges that are simply too great to overcome on your own. During these times, it’s important that you reach out and speak to professional family lawyers for help. Whether you’re separating, agreeing on a property settlement or making arrangements for your children, you can turn to Owen Hodge’s family and divorce lawyers.

With over 70 years of extensive experience, our family lawyers understand your needs and have the life experience to help you through this tough time. We’ll guide you through your rights and obligations and be with you every step of the way.

Our family lawyers have expertise in:

  • Divorce
  • De facto relationships and same sex cases
  • Property settlement
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Asset protection and discovery
  • Complex financial arrangements involving family companies, trusts, self-managed superfunds and third party equity claims
  • Parenting cases and Binding Child Support Agreements
  • Relocation cases

our family lawyers in sydney are here to help

Family law is the area of law that deals with family relationship issues, including relationship breakdowns and disputes. It is underpinned by the Family Law Act 1975, which sets out the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of spouses and children.

Family law primarily deals with the following:

Divorce & separation

Whether you’re experiencing a de facto relationship or marriage breakdown, Owen Hodge is here for you. Our experienced divorce lawyers will handle all the documentation, the divorce application and guide you throughout the entire process.

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Property settlements & financial agreements

Diving assets in divorce can be one of the most stressful and complicated parts of a separation. So let our property settlement lawyers help you come to an agreement that’s fair for both parties.

How we can assist you:

  • De facto property settlements
  • Consent orders
  • Splitting superannuation after separation
  • Spousal maintenance

Parenting arrangements

When children are involved in family disputes, you want to put their best interests first. Our child custody lawyers and child support lawyers will ensure that both their future and current needs are met, and assist you in reaching an agreement with your ex-spouse.

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Family disputes

Experiencing a family dispute? Our family dispute lawyers are experienced in negotiating the best outcomes for all parties involved. Be it through mediation or arbitration, you can trust our family law firm in Sydney to effectively resolve your disputes.

At Owen Hodge Lawyers, we are also fortunate to have a wide variety of lawyers in a number of departments, so we can provide quality legal advice for all your legal needs.

Family law matters can be stressful and emotional—especially following a relationship breakdown. Our family lawyers are here to help you navigate these difficult times so you can move on with life.

While the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia both allow people to represent themselves, the process can be incredibly complex and cost you both significant time and money. That’s why it’s always best to seek legal advice so you can minimise the risk of ongoing litigation.

Do family lawyers go to court?

Yes, family law attorneys can represent you in court if required. However, the court does encourage you to try to resolve your matter outside of the court if possible.

Whether you’re dealing with a marriage separation or child custody issues, it’s best to get a family law specialist involved early on. As mentioned, family law matters can be complicated, especially when it comes to property settlements, children and understanding your rights and obligations.

All discussions are private and confidential, so be sure to book in for an initial consultation with our family lawyers in Sydney. Be proactive and call us today on 1800 770 780. Let us help you.

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