Commercial litigation is a branch of law specialising in disputes and conflicts related to businesses.

Commercial litigation is an umbrella term which covers any type of legal dispute and controversy related to business issues. This is more specific than business law which includes the drafting of contracts and agreements. The main aim of commercial litigation is to try and resolve disputes and conflicts before a court hearing is scheduled.

What cases fall under commercial litigation?

Cases that fall under the heading of commercial litigation include:

Debt recovery

Contractual and commercial disputes

Insolvency and bankruptcy

Business dissolutions

Employment disputes

Partnership and shareholder issues

Trade practices

Professional negligence claims


Commercial insurance claims

Intellectual property disputes

Trademark and copyright infringement

The main aim of commercial litigation lawyers is to try and resolve disputes and conflicts before they reach court. Owen Hodge’s Sydney-based commercial litigation team act as a mediator to resolve disputes through negotiation to try and achieve outcomes that are satisfactory and beneficial to all parties involved without commencing legal proceedings.

One way law disputes or commercial litigation can be avoided is by hiring a business law team to draft business documents that are written in plain English and state the commercial objectives in a manner that is clear and understandable to all parties. Commercial litigation can include arbitration and mediation, court appearances and class/representative action.

Our accredited Sydney business lawyers represent partnerships, partners and sole proprietors in commercial litigation cases. Contact our Commercial Litigation Team and Specialists during business hours on 1800 770 780 for practical and commercial advice in relation to all types of commercial litigation and all stages of court proceedings from mediation through to representation at court hearings.

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