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Experienced Lawyers in Sydney CBD:

At Owen Hodge, our team of Sydney lawyers have a strong reputation for handling all legal matters with expertise, integrity and professionalism. With over 70 years of experience, we’re committed to providing you with quality legal services. Owen Hodge’s Sydney office is located conveniently in the heart of the CBD (Central Business District). We also have two other Sydney based locations, so you can find an Oran Park lawyer or Hurstville lawyer near you.

 New South Wales Solicitors You Can Trust:

With Sydney lawyers that can assist you on a wide variety of legal issues, the hunt for “Sydney lawyers near me” stops here. Our team has experience handling cases that require dispute resolution or legal representation in the court, as well as providing legal advice for out-of-court matters. So whether you need help with your estate planning, making a personal injury claim or want to discuss workplace bullying, Owen Hodge is here for you.

Our Legal Services:

  • Commercial litigation and commercial lawyers
  • Wills and estate lawyers
  • Personal injury lawyers
  • Family lawyers
  • Commercial property lawyers and conveyancers
  • Immigration lawyers
  • Employment lawyers

Commercial Litigation and Commercial Lawyers

Commercial law is a broad term that is comprised of various services offered by Owen Hodge to help support your business needs. Through proper legal support we can help your business thrive and continue to grow. 

At Owen Hodge we can provide general business support including advice and services for your fundamental business needs. 

Our offices also offer traditional commercial litigation services including, but not limited to, providing legal services particular to business litigation, drafting of business contracts, employment disputes and handling compliance and insurance claims. 

We also have experts in the area of Employment Law who can provide guidance and legal advice for employment contracts, employee rights, employer responsibilities, the proper handling of superannuation funds, employee discipline and administrative hearings. 

For those who are heading up Not-For-Profit organisations, we have legal assistance for these needs too. We have extensive expertise in working with churches, educational institutions and community groups, to name a few. We strive to provide excellent legal advice to these organisations so that they can continue to do their work to enhance the community, at large.

Commercial leasing is also one of our areas of specialty. We are here to assist those who are reviewing commercial leases for their businesses or drafting commercial leases for anticipated tenants.

Wills and Estate Law

Wills and Estate encompasses a variety of individual and family needs. The choices available when planning your estate vary and are different for each individual and their needs. At Owen Hodge we can offer legal assistance in all of the following areas of estate planning.

Solidifying a Last Will and Testament is not something that should be put off indefinitely. It is best to make your wishes for how you would like your estate distributed to family and friends, before you are no longer able to do so. This will ensure that your wishes are followed exactly as you intend them to be. 

Sometimes a person’s Will is contested which can create a great deal of angst and stress for all involved. At Owen Hodge, we have solicitors who are skilled and sensitive to these trying concerns.

The Deceased Estate is the entirety of the belongings and ownership rights of the deceased. At Owen Hodge, our Wills and Estates solicitors have extensive experience in making sure that the deceased’s estate is properly distributed in accordance with the directives in their Last Will and Testament.

Elder Law is also an area of expertise at Owen Hodge. The rights of grandparents and grandchildren are important and require a full understanding of the protections offered these relationships under the law. Our attorneys are schooled and experienced in protecting these precious relationships and their legal rights.

Personal Injury Law

We handle various areas of law that involve personal injury. These areas include car accidents, personal injuries in a public venue or a workplace, public liabilities, workers’ compensation injuries, asbestos compensation claims, medical negligence and professional negligence.

Family Law

Owen Hodge has an experienced legal staff to handle all of the areas of family law that a family might require assistance with. The most obvious areas of need in family law tend to be the issues surrounding divorce and child custody. However, there are other issues that also require the attention of a family law attorney including, property settlement, de facto relationships, child support and spousal maintenance. Each of these areas has intricacies that are unique to settling the issues that can arise for a family. We at Owen Hodge have the legal knowledge to provide expert assistance in all of these areas.

Immigration Law

Australia is a wonderful place to call home and is welcoming to many immigrants from all over the world. Though, immigrating to Australia has many required legal components and options including a variety of Visa opportunities and permanent citizenship options. At Owen Hodge,our attorneys are well versed in all of the available options to those who want to live in Australia.

 Property Law

Owen Hodge provides its clients with a robust Property Law department that can help with any and all of the following areas of property law including, conveyancing, contracting, property caveats, swimming pool compliance, insurance issues, boarding house regulations and various avenues for transferring property. Take a look at some more common property conveyances such as selling a home or buying a home on our website.

Bilingual Lawyers in Sydney

At Owen Hodge, we understand that English is a second language for many people living in Australia. This is why, at our law firm in the Sydney city, you will have access to legal advice in a number of languages. We can also arrange interpreters in most other languages.

  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • Cantonese
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin

Frequently Asked Questions

Owen Hodge has been servicing the legal needs of St George and Sutherland communities since 1951. As such, we bring years of experience to each of our client’s needs.

While no attorney or law firm can promise a particular outcome to any litigation client, we at Owen Hodge strive to provide each client with the best possible outcome within the confines of the law.

Owen Hodge is not a no-win no-fee law firm in all areas of practice. However, there are some areas of law under which this is our manner of doing business. Please consult with us individually depending upon your legal needs.

At Owen Hodge we realise that not all clients are mobile at all times during their lives. In the instance that you are a client who cannot be present in our offices, we will make a diligent effort to meet you at a more convenient location for your current needs.

Owen Hodge does offer some free consultations. Please contact us on 1800 770 780 with your needs and we will be better able to inform you of this possibility.

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