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There is nothing more exciting than going on a holiday. One of the most popular forms of holiday entertainment and travel is taking a cruise. Millions of people embark on this type of trip every year. But what most people do not expect, is getting injured in the process. If you are injured while onboard a cruise ship, you can have a valid personal injury claim against the proper jurisdiction. However, properly filing this type of claim requires the injured person to take particular steps to protect their claim and the advice and assistance of a personal injury solicitor who specializes in accidents that happen on cruise liners.

Purchasing Additional Insurance

While many people do not purchase additional trip insurance, it is important to at least review the additional insurance offered. Each contract will offer different varieties of travel insurance so be sure to read and review carefully before selecting an option that will work for you and your family.

What Steps Do I Take If I Am Injured on A Cruise Ship?

It is important to take all of these steps and actions if you are injured while on board a cruise ship. The information you secure at the time of the accident will be used to file your personal injury claim, should you have one. You should take the following steps:

  •  Immediately report the injury to the medical office on board the ship
  • Allow a ship medical professional to create a report of the incident
  • Be examined by the nurse or doctor on board the ship
  •  Remember to ask for a copy of the injury report
  • Also, ask for a copy of the ship camera footage of the accident
  • If you are able, take pictures of the scene where the injury occurred
  • Take statements from nearby witnessed; remembering to get their contact information for future use
  •  If any x-rays are taken or other medical tests are performed, be sure to secure copies before leaving the ship
  • Make sure to request that the medical office inform the proper authorities that the accident happened and an investigation needs to occur
  • Request a copy of any investigative report that is generated
  • Upon returning home, make an immediate appointment with your doctor and have a follow-up examination. Provide your doctor with copies of all of the medical records and/or tests and/or scans that were done at the time of the injury.

Once You Are Home

Upon arriving home there are some additional steps you will need to take to determine if you have a viable personal injury claim to file. The time allotted to file such a claim is relatively short; sometimes as short as thirty (30) days, so it is imperative you speak to a solicitor who specializes in cruise ship injury claims as soon as possible. The solicitor will be able to determine and follow up on the proper legal actions that need to be taken such as;

  •  Identifying the proper jurisdiction for filing the claim
  • The amount of time available for filing the claim
  • The court that the claim must be filed in
  •  Proper service of the claim on the defendant
  • The processes that will need to be engaged in, including settlement discussion, participation in mediation and/or court dates

While no one expects to be injured while on a cruise ship, it is possible for injuries to occur. If an injury should happen, seek medical advice immediately. Remember to gather and save all of the data pieces noted above. But most of all, try to enjoy the balance of your time on your vacation.

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