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Each franchise is different and there are many important issues to be covered by both franchisors and franchisees. Our team of franchise lawyers are committed to providing expert advice in franchise law, helping our clients navigate their franchise business with ease. This requires complex contract negotiation and the establishment of a franchise location, which is why our team of expert commercial property lawyers are also here to help when you need.

Before purchasing a franchise you should consider such issues as:

  • The length and cost of the franchise lease agreement
  • Reputation and trading record of the franchisor
  • What advertising budget and back-up services are offered
  • The fees payable to the franchisor
  • The terms of sale for goods supplied by the franchisor 
  • The obligation to conform to the franchisor’s business practices

What does a franchise lawyer do?

Franchisors will need to comply with the Franchising Code of Conduct and our experienced Sydney franchise lawyers can advise you on the requirements of the franchise agreement and disclosure document.

Our commercial lawyers in Sydney also have experience in business structures, contracts, and specific experience with franchising. This allows us to offer you the best franchise legal advice for your new business venture.

Reviewing franchise agreements

The franchise agreement is the document that establishes the obligations between you and the relevant parties entering into the contract. The franchise agreement not only outlines all the requirements from the both parties, but it covers all situations that may arise over the course of the relationship.

Franchise systems are complicated and involve agreements that will require an experienced franchise solicitor to identify and mitigate any legal and commercial risks. 

How is franchising documentation different? 

Within a franchise agreement there is crucial information on areas of the business such as:

  • Costs
  • Ownership
  • Intellectual property 
  • Your obligations

Before you sign a franchise agreement, you need to be sure you understand everything that is involved.  At Owen Hodge Lawyers, our franchise lawyers can advise you on what is standard and negotiable, and what is not. 

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