Owen Hodge Lawyers have over 60 years of experience in legal practice focusing on meeting the needs and requirements of their clients. We provide unsurpassed and responsive legal services, because our lawyers’ study the goals of our clients’ and then establish an appropriate course of action to achieve these objectives.

We understand that English is a secondary language for many people doing business in Australia, and therefore strive to provide legal services to our clients in other languages.

Owen Hodge Lawyers have experienced commercial lawyers and accredited Business Law specialists to deal with diverse and complex commercial and business matters with expertise in areas including employment law, commercial contracts, litigation, and property & finance.

Our team of corporate lawyers provide advice and support to businesses, their owners and managers, and we seek to address the fundamental legal requirements which lead to a successful business in Australia. We can support businesses thinking of expanding into Australia, starting from initially advising on business structure to the signing of a commercial lease, and identifying and reducing the risk of breaching statutory and regulatory laws.

We also have a skilled team with expertise in all areas of individual law, including estate, family, personal injury, criminal and property law

Owen Hodge Lawyers handle all matters with professionalism and efficiency and this isguaranteed with our Law 9000: Legal Best Practice Certification, which is a benchmark management system based on internationally recognised standards and a set of bestpractice criteria specific to legal practice.

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