At OH Mortgage Solutions we know that choosing the right construction loan can be confusing

and time consuming. Our experts can provide you with information to make an informed decision obligation free. We can arrange finance for residential or commercial developments, retail offices, industrial and shopping malls. OH Mortgage Solutions have been working with builders and developers to achieve their dreams for several years.

Equity participation brings together like-minded sponsors that believe the combination of their skills and offerings will produce greater results than if they worked alone. With a sound partnership in place, you are able to undertake more and larger developments.

On the other hand, if you are building a new home or renovating your home, you might also consider a construction loan. The difference between a construction loan and a standard home loan is that instead of a lump sum payment at agreement signoff, the loan is usually paid off in stages. Payments coincide with the initial purchase of the land followed by a number of key construction stages.

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