Property Searches

Before purchasing a property, it is a standard procedure to conduct a due diligence to confirm whether it is worth investing in a property.

Normally the purchasers will be satisfied and proceed to purchase the property once they verify that the property is free from encumbrances. However, there may be a range of other important searches which the purchasers need to conduct before closing the purchase deal.

Types of Property Searches in New South Wales (NSW)

The types of searches a purchaser may conduct before deciding to buy a property in NSW are as follows:

  • Title Search and Title Plan Search: Land Title Search provides various details of the land or property such as the name(s) of the registered owner(s), physical description of the property, encumbrances attached to the property like mortgages, easements, caveats and covenants. Title Plan Search shows the registered extent of the land or property, its administrative area, lane title number and general positioning of the boundaries. These searches are usually accompanied by the “Land Title Register” containing the folio number, plan number, the local government area, parish and county of the property, details pertaining to the names of the owners, details of the mortgages, existence of easement rights and encumbrances.
  • Survey Plan or Strata Plan Search: Land Survey Plan provides information pertaining to the dimension of the land and the location of buildings and structures on the land. A Strata Plan reveals the lot dimensions of the property, building outlines, wherever applicable, Certificate of Title number of the lot, details of unit entitlement and common property, notification and encumbrances affecting the strata plan.
  • Lease Data Search: A Lease Data Search provide details in relation to the leasing out of the land or property, lease agreement details, names and addresses of the Lessor and the Lessee, tenure of the lease, lease amount, renewal terms and details of covenants, restrictions and easements contained in the lease.
  • Deeds and Instrument Search: Through this search, a purchaser can obtain information concerning various deeds or instruments such as title deed detailing the transfer of property to the existing owner, lease or sub-lease deed, mortgage deed, restrictive covenants and easements.
  • Historical Search: Historical Land Title Search reveals about the local history of a land or property. This search can be performed by accessing the following registers:
    • Old Form Torrens Register: This shows the ownership chain affecting the title of the property over a considerable period.
    • Charting Maps: These are cadastral land boundary guide used to search plan and title information relating to a property.
    • Crown Plans: These are survey diagrams demonstrating the State’s terrestrial boundaries, natural topographies and include references to early leasing and ownership of the land or property.
  • Boundary Search for two adjoining properties: This search includes the land title register, survey plan, strata plan and an instrument for each of the adjoining properties and signifies most of the registered property information and documents for two adjoining properties.
  • Right of Way and Right of Access Search: This search discloses another person’s right of way and access to and from a property or a land.
  • Zoning Search: Certificate issued from this search shows the planning controls applicable to a particular land or property. The Zoning Certificate is issued by the relevant council and it specifies the true status and permitted use of the property.
  • Drainage or Sewer Details Search: This search shows the location of the internal and external service lines or the main sewer of the property. A drainage or sewer diagram can be obtained from the concerned local water authority.
  • Pest Inspection: Search should be made to find out whether the land or property is infested with destructive pests that may have caused or are likely to cause damage to the property. A Pest Inspection Report can be obtained from a qualified pest controller.

If you are contemplating to buy a property in NSW, our experts at Total Home Buyer Services may assist you in conducting the property searches.

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