Jillian recently joined Owen Hodge Lawyers in July 2022. She works predominately in family law and estate matters in our CBD based team. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce in 2018 and Juris Doctor in January 2022, and was admitted as a lawyer in New South Wales in August 2022.

Prior to joining Owen Hodge Lawyers, Jillian worked in various areas of law as a paralegal and discovered that she enjoyed working in both family law and estate law. With this multifaceted legal background, Jillian is able to work on complex commercial issues in family and estate matters. She also has a strong interest in personal commercial matter including asset protection, family trusts and individual businesses. She is dedicated to striving the best outcomes for clients and helping clients in a calm and compassionate manner.

Jillian has extensive cross-cultural experience during her education and is comfortable communicating with clients with various backgrounds. She can speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese and is able to assist Mandarin or Cantonese speaking clients.

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