Kristy-Lee Burns is a skilled Family and Commercial Lawyer who joined Owen Hodge Lawyers in 2018. Kristy has trial experience in various complex family law matters involving trusts and commercial matters. Kristy has expanded her knowledge and experience to include Estate Litigation and Testamentary Trust Wills.

Kristy is currently in her final phase of undertaking a specialist post-graduate program of LLM Applied Masters (with a double major in Family Law and Business Law). Many areas of family law and commercial law intersect so it is important to Kristy that she identify and strategically advise her clients on these matters. Her trial experience in preparing matters with strict deadlines is also a skill that serves her clients well.

Kristy’s legal knowledge, communication skills and life experience, together with her ability to relate and connect with people in challenging times assists her in building and maintaining excellent client relationships and ongoing referrals. Kristy also prides herself on mentoring and managing other younger solicitors within the practice. 

Whether it is a complex property settlement involving third parties, businesses and trusts, a commercial or estate dispute, Kristy has the knowledge and expertise to identify the key legal issues whilst advocating in your best interests for a just and equitable result.