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Neck injuries are quite common in many professions and often account for discomfort and pain that affects an employee’s work performance, or worse yet, requires an employee to take time off from work. If you find you have incurred a work-related neck injury there are some necessary steps you must take in order to receive proper workers’ compensation benefits.

Types of Injuries

Workplace neck injuries can take many forms. Some are simply soft tissue injuries from a single incident or, possibly, a repetitive motion related to the work you perform. Other injuries can be more serious and also be generated in the same way, by either a single accident or a repetitive work-related movement. Some common workplace injuries that might rise to the level of a workers’ compensation claim include;

  • Neck strain – involving the pulling or straining of a neck muscle
  • Whiplash – as a result of a sudden movement or unexpected impact that causes the neck to jolt forward and back
  • Cervical spine dislocation or fracture – this can result from an actual bone break in the cervical spine or an event that causes misalignment of the neck area
  • Pinched Nerve – the impingement of a never in the cervical spine area causing pain in the neck, shoulders and even arms or hands
  • Herniated Disc – caused by wear and tear in and around one or more discs in the cervical spine

Each of these types of neck injuries can occur in the workplace as a result of repetitive trauma or a single incident of stress and/or an accident. If an employee experiences one of these injuries that causes ongoing symptoms and pain it is imperative they do the following;

  • Inform their employer of the accident or injury immediately
  • Complete a workplace injury report
  • Seek medical attention via their employer or their own health insurance

An employer must do the following;

  • Take the details of the injury/accident from the employee
  • Complete a workplace injury report
  • Provide medical attention as needed
  • Inform their workers’ compensation insurance carrier that an accident occurred at the workplace

Professions Most Likely to Incur Work-Related Neck Injuries

While anyone can suffer a work-related neck injury, there are some professions that are more likely to experience this type of injury. Some of these professions include;

  • Nurses
  • Typists
  • Construction workers
  • Mechanics
  • Sanitation workers
  • Drivers; including taxi drivers and truck drivers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Health care workers
  • Police and Firefighters

The one thing that most of these professions have in common is that their work responsibilities are active and often require repetitive motions of the upper body and lifting. It is important to remember that this list of professions that can, and often do, experience work-related neck injuries, is not exhaustive. There are many professions that require employees to engage in activities, both repetitive and otherwise, that create the risk of a cervical injury.


If you do incur a work-related neck injury you can be compensated. The various ways in which you can be compensated include, but are not necessarily limited to the following;

  • Medical payments for any treatment or therapies needed to alleviate pain or repair the injury, including hospital and surgical costs
  • Payments for lost wages as a result of losing time from work due to pain, medical treatments or surgeries
  • A lump sum payment if, after treatments, you have a permanent injury or disability
  • Damages; for loss of enjoyment of life or present/future lost wages if the employer is found to have been negligent and the resulting injury was serious
  • Legal costs to bring your claim to fruition

While neck injuries can be painful and uncomfortable, if they are addressed with the employer and receive medical attention, it is very likely that the injured worker will eventually recover and be able to perform their job duties without restriction.

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