Verbal Bullying: What If Bullying Happens To You?

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Across the world, the issue of verbal bullying has become significant to the law and the evolution of society. As technology progresses, new forms of bullying are created and add to the already devastating effect that bullying has on an individual’s life.


In most cases, bullying and harassment is associated with school or the workplace, though organizations like the NSW Police Force also recognize bullying as a form of domestic and family violence. One of the most damaging, and increasingly common, forms of bullying is verbal bullying. It is important for Australian residents to understand what verbal bullying is, and what to do if it occurs.


Read on this fact sheet to learn more about this devastating violation of human and civil rights, along with what you can do to protect yourself.




At Owen Hodge Lawyers, we understand that verbal bullying can take place in many situations, and target many age groups and lifestyles. Our team works hard to protect the rights of Australians, and will work hard to protect you and your loved ones if verbal bullying has affected your livelihood and peace of mind.
Employers also have the responsibility to minimize risks to their staff from bullying behaviours that may arise from other staffs, clients or customers. At Owen Hodge Lawyers, we provide advice and guidance to employers about workplace matters. We can point you in the right direction and provide practical ideas that will assist the resolutions of problems at work.


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