Estate planning and contesting a will during Sydney’s COVID lockdown

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Changed circumstances?


It’s patently obvious that circumstances around the world and in Australia have been significantly altered during this COVID pandemic.


The Greater Sydney region is currently in lockdown, the duration of which is unknown at this stage. At Owen Hodge we feel great compassion for everyone struggling with these events.


It’s also possible that personal circumstances have changed, either directly attributable to COVID, such as a change of job or early retirement. Such changes can mean that it may be time to check and update your Will, or it may be that creating a Will has been something you’ve been putting off. With enforced time at home, now might be a perfect time to address this issue.


What’s the point? I can’t come and see you …can’t sign anything.


This is a common misconception, and quite understandable. Over the years, we have all become accustomed to being freely able to make appointments and have face-to-face meetings with anyone, including our lawyers.


This is not currently the case, nevertheless, we have put in place a range of options to address the existing limitations on movement and contact.


Specifically, we can arrange:

  • Legal discussion and advice via telephone.
  • Video calls via various means.
  • Dispatch of documents via post, or via email attachment for you to print.
  • Electronic signature of documents.


This last option may be confusing, but is becoming quite normal.


The NSW Electronic Transaction Act has been amended to provide greater flexibility during COVID restrictions. We can organise it so that you can sign and have witnessed any required documents. While we readily admit that it is not quite business as usual, it is reasonably close—and you don’t have to deal with the traffic!


Perhaps it’s not a Will or Estate Planning that’s on your agenda. Maybe there is cause to contest a Will but you’ve not had the time or have been reluctant to pursue it because you felt that the paperwork would be impossible to deal with in current circumstances.


As already described, here at Owen Hodge we are well placed to continue servicing your legal needs with our usual dedication and professionalism. Estate Planning – crucial, even in lockdown. It will be easier with sound legal advice from the experts. Owen Hodge Lawyers. We are here to help.


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