Can you migrate to Australia over the age of 45?

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In general, if you are older than 45 years of age migrating to Australia is not permitted. But, there are options that do provide avenues to those 45 years and older who might want to consider making the move. However, the requirements of these options are specific and must be met before a visa will be granted to an entrant over the age of 45.

General Options

General Skilled Migration Visa; this visa is not an option for anyone over the age of 45. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Employer Migration Visa

Visa 494 and 186; these Visas for temporary workers with a path to permanent Australian residency, are also not available for those over the age of 45.

Visa 482 may be an option for those over the age of 45; however, this visa does not allow for a path to permanent residency.

Visas for those over 45 years

There are a few visas that are made available to people 45 years and older. These visas have specific requirements that must be met in order to allow for migration to Australia. These options include:

  1. Investor Visa Program Subclass 188 Visa – Age Limit 55 years

The investor visa program has specific requirements which pertain to having the funds and the skills to invest in Australia. To be eligible for this visa an individual must have between one million and five million dollars available for investment in Australia. In addition, it can be very beneficial if the individual applying under this visa also has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of business management or business investment.

  1. Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 – Maximum Age 55 years

The global talent visa is exactly as it presents itself. This visa requires that the applicant have a specific global talent such as in the arts, music, sports or academia and research. To be eligible for this visa you must be globally recognized for your area of expertise and/or talent. In addition, you must be nominated by a prominent professional in your area of expertise within its corresponding Australian community. Lastly, you must bring value to the Australian community “economically, socially, culturally” and raise the standards of the artform or academia of your profession.

  1. Parent Visa

This visa is granted to those over the age of 45 if they have a family member who is an Australian citizen or has permanent residency within Australia. There are several subclasses of this visa which can be both permanent and temporary depending upon each individual’s circumstances.

  1. Partner Visa

A partner visa is available for those who are in a long term committed relationship with an Australian citizen or a person with permanent residency in Australia. However, this must be a genuine relationship.


For those who want to migrate to Australia and meet the requirements of one of these visa options, the migration to Australia can be accomplished. However, each of these pathways does require a significant amount of document completion. As such, it is highly recommended that if you believe you could qualify for a 45 and older visa, you seek the advice of an immigration solicitor. The assistance of a solicitor can make the process move more smoothly and more efficiently, allowing for you to receive your visa sooner and begin your move to Australia!

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