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Experienced Macarthur and Campbelltown Lawyers

At Owen Hodge, our Oran Park lawyers are committed to helping the community access expert legal advice, no matter the circumstances. With 70 years of experience, we have a strong reputation for handling all legal matters with expertise, integrity, and professionalism. Our Oran Park office is located in the middle of Oran Park and is easily accessible to those in the Campbelltown and Macarthur region. We pride ourselves on not only providing the best legal advice to the Campbelltown and Macarthur region, but also in supporting the local community through our many philanthropic and charity ventures.

Oran Park Legal Services You Can Trust

Our highly specialised Oran Park lawyers will take the time to understand and evaluate your legal matter and provide you with accurate and correct legal advice. Through the process of getting to understand your circumstances, coupled with our knowledge of the law and our years of experience, you can rest assured that your legal matter will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Commercial Law and Litigation

Our commercial law department includes a variety of legal services for all of your commercial needs. Our lawyer’s expertise includes all areas of business needs and supports your growing enterprise. Our commercial litigation department is highly skilled and has years of experience in handling all forms of commercial conflict. In addition, our employment law sector can guide you through all of your legal rights and responsibilities under the administrative employment law courts, case law, and statutes. For those involved with non-profit organisations, our commercial law department can assist you with how to make the most of your services for those in need.

Wills and Estates

Our Wills and Estate department can handle all areas of law related to your estate planning needs including drafting a valid and enforceable Will, creating a Trust for loved ones or disabled persons, contesting a Will, proper distribution of a deceased’s estate, and elder law. Each client’s needs are highly individualised and our estate solicitors are skilled and experienced in handling each and every one of them.

Family Law

Our team of Family Law solicitors have years of experience in handling and assisting families in the intricacies of family law concerns including divorce, custody, spousal and child support, de facto relationships and the identification and proper distribution of shared assets. Not only do our solicitors have years of legal experience, but they are also sensitive to the issues your family is facing.

Property Law and Conveyancing

Property law and conveyancing is a complicated area of law where accurate and correct legal advice is imperative. At Owen Hodge Lawyers our Property Law and Conveyancing lawyers have years of experience to assist you with conveyances, property contracting, commercial leasing, property caveats, claims for property damage, and transfer of property rights and ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team based at our Oran Park office is lead by Kristy Hatcher, an experienced solicitor and Campbelltown–Macarthur local who has lived in the area for many years. Kristy and her team bring a high level of knowledge and experience to those individuals requiring legal advice and guidance in the Campbelltown – Macarthur area.

Our office will always consider your individual needs when providing you access to our professionals. If you are incapacitated or have adverse health needs, we are always able to come to your location to assist and provide the best level of service possible.

We will be happy to have an initial phone call conversation with you free of charge to assess your individualised requirements and what level of support you will need from our team.

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