How Domestic and Family Violence Can Impact on Property Dealings

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Domestic violence is a serious issue within Australia and is taken very seriously by the eyes of the law. In typical circumstances, the Courts determine property settlements through a process which considers: each party’s contributions, likely future needs, length of the relationship and other factors.

However, in the circumstances where severe and ongoing family domestic violence is present and has made it significantly difficult for one party to contribute to the family, it becomes a considered factor when diving up a property.

Property settlements are a complex matter, especially when domestic violence also comes into play. Keep reading the below slide show for a better understand of what to do if faced with this matter.

Domestic and Family Violence Impacts on Property Dealings from Rolf Howard

If you have been a victim or believe that you are in danger of family violence, first take the necessary steps to ensure your own safety. Involve local law enforcement or domestic abuse resources, as appropriate. Thereafter, if domestic violence is a factor contributing to the final breakdown of a marriage, be aware that it may affect the terms of a property settlement. The attorneys at Owen Hodge Lawyers would like to assist you in any way possible. Please call us to schedule a consultation at 1800 770 780.

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