Owen Hodge Lawyers have specialist Property Lawyers to conduct Commercial and Industrial Conveyancing for you quickly and at reasonable rates.

We have years of experience in all types of Commercial Property and in the myriad of issues which affect Commercial Property and the different transactions and outcomes you may wish to achieve. At Owen Hodge we can assist you when buying or selling Land, Commercial Property or your Business.

Our lawyers know where potential problems arise from and their goal is to ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. Our commercial conveyancing advice is practical and reliable and tailored to your needs to ensure that everything falls into place at the right time. We deal with put and call options, tenders, vender finance and a wide range of property transactions and issues.

If you need any assistance with this topic, please contact us to speak to our Property and Business Law Specialists.

Building & Construction Law
Building Warranty Claims
Commercial Conveyancing: The Buying Process
Contract Disputes
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
Law & Business
Retail Lease Act
What To Look At In A Commercial Lease Contract

Business Mergers & Acquisitions
Commercial Contracts
Commercial Contracts Between Businesses for Supply or Sale of Goods
Commercial Conveyancing: The Selling Process
Commercial Conveyancing
Commercial Leases
Commercial Lease Agreements
Commercial Loan Agreements
Commercial Property Leasing
Consumer Credit Law

Franchising Disputes
Land And Environment Laws Particular To Developers
The Personal Property Securities Act
Property Developments
Property Leasing
Rural Conveyancing
Terms Of The Lease That Need To Be Considered

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