Possible to the current WORKERS COMPENSATION ACT 1987 NSW

A controversial topic in personal injury is the recommended changes to the Workers Compensation Act as proposed by the NSW Government. These suggested changes could alter injured workers’ rights and limit the ability to claim under the Act.

The Government has labelled the existing Scheme flawed because it does not produce a good outcome for the injured workers, and this has prompted the government to move for  reform. The NSW Government has therefore canvassed solutions to their problems with the current Workers Compensation Scheme. However in practice, after considering the suggested changes, it is evident that what the reform seeks to do is to remove numerous benefits and entitlements which injured workers currently enjoy.

The most objectionable changes recommended are those that seek to make changes to the following areas;

Removal of coverage for journey claims;

Prevention of nervous shock claims from relatives or dependants of deceased or injured workers;

Removal of “pain and suffering” as a separate category of compensation;

Only one claim can be made for whole person impairment; and

Exclusion of strokes or heart attacks unless work is a ‘significant’ contributor.

The recommendations contain a number of other changes which will affect both existing and future workers’ compensation claims. Owen Hodge Lawyers are experienced and Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury, therefore we can guide you through how the changes may affect your existing or future claim.

Please contact Ann Parnell and her team on (02) 9570 7844 if you have been injured and wish to know about your rights under the current Workers Compensation Act and the impact that recommended changes may have on your claim and rights if they become New South Wales Law.

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