How do I write a Will?

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 By Christine Vrahas

By making a Will, you take control of the worry for your future and that of your family. It gives you comfort and ease of mind that your family’s future will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes.

Estate planning doesn’t just include instructions on how a person’s assets are to be distributed upon their death, it also covers some important lifestyle requests such as nominating guardians for children as well as funeral and burial wishes. A will can also set out timings of inheritances by use of trust structures as well as any potential donations the individual would like to make to charity.

Many people think that there is no need to see a solicitor to draft a Wills, however this is a common misconception that can have devastating and costly consequences for the loved ones you leave behind such as:

  • Family provision claims;
  • Testamentary capacity claims;
  • Undue Influence; and
  • Knowledge and approval claims.

Such claims can be avoided or dispelled with our expert legal advice no matter how simple or complex your situation is.

Don’t delay your Estate Planning with a solicitor any longer.

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