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Owen Hodge’s workplace and employment lawyers in Sydney provide expert legal services to a diverse range of clients. Whether you need assistance with workplace safety or want to discuss matters with a small business lawyer — you can turn to Owen Hodge.

Employment law is the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents that address the legal rights and responsibilities of working people and their organisations. As such, our workplace lawyers mediate many aspects of the relationship between trade unions, employers and employees. And when you speak to Owen Hodge Lawyers, you’re speaking to the best workplace lawyers Sydney has to offer.

Workplace law is generally enforced by government agencies, and it is the role of employment lawyers to remain up to date and informed about the law and changes in the law.

Workplace lawyers can provide:

  • Strategic advice in planning and managing employment contracts and issues
  • Assistance in avoiding, managing and resolving industrial disputes through advice or active representation in industrial negotiations and before relevant tribunals and courts
  • Quick practical advice about the application of relevant legislation, awards and agreements
  • Advice on the wide range of workplace law issues
  • Advice on workplace bullying laws and anti-bullying strategies

It’s never too early to seek legal advice. With the right legal counsel, your employment law dispute may be resolved without ever going into a courtroom. Most of our cases can be negotiated, settled, or resolved with the least inconvenience to you.

If you are an individual or a corporate client contemplating whether or not you may need an employment law firm, consider these services to help you decide.

Contracts & awards

At Owen Hodge, our employment lawyers have significant experience in providing practical advice for legislation, awards, and agreements. We can also assist you in planning and managing employment contracts as well as provide information on human resource management and the law.

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Workplace rights

Need help understanding the Fair Work Act 2009 or what workplace rights apply to your industry? Owen Hodge’s employment lawyers are here to help.

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Unfair dismissal & employment termination

For guidance on terminating employment contracts or what your rights and responsibilities are in a wrongful dismissal case, speak to Owen Hodge. We can also give you insight into remuneration and compliance strategies for workers compensation.

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Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a serious matter and it needs to be dealt with care and compassion. Owen Hodge can provide advice on legal policies, such anti-bullying strategies or represent you in court if you have experienced workplace bullying.

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For guidance in cases of whistleblowing, or avoiding, managing, and resolving workplace disputes, you can trust Owen Hodge. We can also assist with any disciplinary action and tribunal representation if necessary.

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By consulting an employment lawyer for these services, you prepare yourself for some of the most sensitive issues where documentation may be scarce and disputes are common.

At Owen Hodge Lawyers, we are familiar with changes in the law, we will provide you with practical and sensible advice, and we’ll work to ensure your satisfaction in any situation.

Employment and workplace law is complex and there are unique procedures that require an experienced employment lawyer.

Issues must be managed correctly, and the right decisions must be made for effective outcomes. Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is critical to know and understand how to respond.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is the only way to manage serious employment situations. If you’re looking for the law firm Sydney residents trust, look no further than Owen Hodge Lawyers.

How much does an employment lawyer cost?

The cost depends on a number of factors, including if you need to go to court or if your matter is complicated. We recommend speaking to an employment lawyer at Owen Hodge on 1800 770 780 to get an idea of what you could expect to pay.

Responding to an employment law issue

If you are an employer or an employee with a situation where unlawful or unfair actions have taken place, document the incident the best you can, collect any essential evidence, and seek employment legal advice from Owen Hodge’s experienced Sydney employment lawyers immediately.

Use our professional employment law team services to help you assess your situation and work toward a positive outcome. Rely on legal advice from Owen Hodge Lawyers, with offices in three Australian locations:

Sydney lawyers | Hurstville lawyers | Oran Park lawyers

We listen to your case, identify your needs, and pair you with an expert employment lawyer for your unique workplace law case. Call today: 1800 770 780.

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