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A contract—a written or verbal agreement between two or more parties—commonly arises in business transactions. Either written or verbal contracts are legally binding based on terms and conditions that are set forth in some form. Verbal agreements lack evidence so may be unenforceable. Written contracts are explicit as to their terms but may be subject to arguments about interpretation of those terms. Contracts are generally put in place to manage risks, but when the language of the agreement is ambiguous or unclear a contract can become a source of contention. By securing a contract lawyer, parties have a legal resource to back a well-written contract and simple but costly errors should be avoided.

When do I need a Contract Lawyer

Some contracts have to be in writing to be enforceable in law. Any contract that is legally binding is created from the parties complying with certain rules of law. Furthermore, the law of contract has now expanded to include behaviour by either party which once may not have been intended to be contractually binding. A contract lawyer can consult with you on the language, write a contract that is legally accurate and legally binding, and ensure the contract meets with current state laws and guidelines. A contract mitigates risk, as it describes the terms and conditions by which the parties agree to be bound.

There are many types of contracts

There are many types of contracts, and there are many issues that can arise around contract law. Consider the following types of arrangements which may be set out as contracts:

Joint Ventures
Loans and Mortgages
Production and Distribution
Sale and/or Supply of Goods and Services
Sale of Land, Property, leases etc.

Reducing the cost of contract law by choosing not to engage a lawyer is equivalent to reducing the cost of insurance on a motor vehicle by not paying a premium. Self insurance is a viable strategy when proper allowance is made by disciplined investment internally with respect to the risk. However, no insurance is not risk management. Engaging an appropriate lawyer to advise in any significant contract is fundamental to the risk management associated with the whole purpose of the contract in the first place.
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Services I should expect from a Contract Lawyer

A seasoned contract lawyer offers expert advice and clients should expect:

Contract Advice and Counsel
Contract Negotiation
Contract Drafts
Advice on Termination of Contracts
Contract Enforcement
Recovery of Damages for a Breach of Contract
Defense for Proceedings for an Alleged Breach of Contract

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