In the world of globalisation, expansion of your business requires you to establish connections with businesses outside your national boundary. Many of such business owners might not be able to speak or communicate properly in English. However, language should never be a barrier for development and expansion of business.


Doing Business in Asia – How We May Help?

Asia is currently one of the most lucrative business destinations. With its delightfully low labour costs and high technical expertise of the work force, China in Asia, provides amazing business opportunities. Doing business with your Chinese counterparts may yield productive results for your business. The language barrier that you may initially face is not something to be worried about.

Our team of Chinese language experts at Owen Hodge Lawyers provide efficient translation services which helps you understand the terms and conditions of your business contract and product disclosure statements written in Chinese. Following are the types of contracts which are regularly translated:

trade agreements;
product disclosure statements;
license agreements;
quality assurance agreements;
contracts for sale of goods;
contracts for sale of business;
corporate contracts;
outsourcing contracts; or
intellectual property asset acquisition and protection.

At Owen Hodge Lawyers, we take pride in the diversity of our workforce. We endeavour to provide quality services to our clients who are often benefitted by the services of dually qualified lawyers working with us.


Why It Is Useful

The translation of the legal statements and disclosure documents from Chinese to English requires the scrutiny of qualified legal practitioners who are conversant with both the law relating to the product in China and its applicability in Australia. Our team of legal experts are conversant with such situations and can provide you expert advice regarding the same.


A multi-jurisdictional business transaction often attracts different kinds of tax implications and other legal implications due to the different legal structure. The alien law and its terms written in a foreign language needs to be interpreted and reviewed correctly.


In regards to translation of legal documents in particular, utmost accuracy and in-depth knowledge of the correct terminology is very crucial. Consistency regarding the same is also important, as document volumes are often quite large.

Translation of documents like product disclosure statements are of high importance to businesses. We ensure translation of such statements is carried out efficiently so that businesses could identify which statement is a better one and which suits their requirements. Following are the principles of a good product disclosure statement:

The disclosure should be made timely;
The disclosure should be appropriate and complete;
The disclosure should endorse product understanding;
The disclosure should endorse product comparison;
The disclosure should emphasise important information; and
The disclosure should have consider consumers’ needs.

Keeping in mind the initial stage to be the most crucial stage of a business, we at Owen Hodge Lawyers have outlined few recommendations. This will help our clients and businesses who are seeking to do business in China. The recommendations are as follows:


Seek professional legal advice

The legal system in China is intricate and is composed of a myriad national laws and local regulations, supplemented by Court interpretations, departmental notices and most importantly, local practices.
We believe that any contract irrespective of its size and/or complicacy needs proper reviewing by legal personnel especially on the terms, nature and content of the contract.
The legal advice obtained should be consistent with the legal structures of China and also be structured for a fair result that protects your interests and avoid any linguistic issues.


Due Diligence

Choosing the right business partner is the most essential factor you need to consider before building up a business with a foreign partner. This includes having a proper understanding about the company, its history, structure and background. You also need to know the key individuals involved; both with your business and, if they are different, the owners/key decision-makers in the firm.
You also need to ensure that a part of your workforce have certain knowledge or experience working in China, which minimises your risk involved in the business.
Look for trial shipments and organise pre-export inspections
In case your business requires you to import or purchase goods from China, look for trial shipments to ensure that the goods you are buying are meeting your requisite requirements. Also ensure that the business with whom you are dealing with is a legitimate one.
Try to employ a local agent to consolidate, sample and verify goods prior to export. This will help you ensure that the goods you receive on the other end are actually the one you have ordered for.

This article is aimed to provide you a summary regarding how we at Owen Hodge Lawyers can assist you in doing business in Asia. For any assistance, contact us at Owen Hodge Lawyers.

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