Age Discrimination

Australians, young or old, have the right to be treated fairly and equally. Age cannot be a basis for discrimination. Every year, Australia loses immense talent and energy through age discrimination even though numerous studies highlight the positive qualities of older workers.

Retrenchments and restructuring programs are frequently targeted at older workers. Employers are aware of the requirements of the law, and avoid mentioning age as the deciding factor. This makes proving age discrimination difficult and as a result it discourages many people from making formal complaints under anti–discrimination or human rights legislation.

This article endeavours to shed some light on age discrimination at workplace and how to deal with it.

Types of Age Discrimination

Banning Age Discrimination – Legislation and Practices

Fair Work Act 2009

Making a Complaint

ADB or the AHRC – Who to Approach

Case Laws

The Road Ahead for You

Dealing with age discrimination can be traumatic and affect you mentally and emotionally. At Owen Hodge Lawyers we realise that when we act for a client affected by age discrimination, sensitivity, care and compassion is of outmost importance in the way we interact with our clients. If you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of age, please feel free to approach Owen Hodge Lawyers. Our team of experts will make every effort to get you the best outcome from your complaint. Keep in mind that time limits apply. Therefore you should act quickly and seek legal advice in making a complaint.

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