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Family Provision Act, NSW Claims and Estates Disputes

Our lawyers represent families, trustees, beneficiaries and claimants in litigation over the validity of wills and rights under the Family Provision Act.

Family provisions can work to ensure that you are provided for by the estate of a relative that you depended on during their life. The legislation is extensive and every case is different but the provisions exist to allow for claims by family members who are left out of a will unfairly or by the operation of the laws of intestate. Owen Hodge Lawyers are able to advise you on the different claims that you may have and ensure that you are provided with equality by the estate. We understand it is a sensitive issue and strive at ensuring matters are handled professionally and quickly.  

As the World War II generation passes on a wealth transfer of billions of dollars will occur in Australian society. By the use of good succession planning much of that will be uneventful. However for many families, characterised by divorce and dysfunctional relationships, a death in the family will involve a fight between those who are left for the assets of the deceased.

We combine an extensive knowledge of the law of estates and trusts with experience in litigation of claims in this area of law. Through our comprehensive knowledge of this area of law we provide a service that is cost effective and efficient, minimising the stress associated with such disputes. Most importantly we identify and advise upon as quickly as possible the likely outcomes of claims. Then through mediation and the court system we act to obtain the best possible outcome for our client.

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