Christine Vrahas is a sure-footed and highly skilled commercial litigation lawyer in Sydney. She started as a solicitor with Owen Hodge Lawyers after completing a Bachelor of Laws. Prior to this study, Christine achieved a Bachelor of Arts in 2005, majoring in History, Political Science and Philosophy.

Her career commenced with the conduct of a multi-million dollar dispute in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in which she obtained positive outcomes for her client in what proved to be an extremely complex and substantial matter. From this outstanding success Christine has not looked back.

In recent years Christine’s attention has been focused upon contested will disputes in the interests of executors and parties aggrieved arising from deceased estates. Christine is regarded as a “safe pair of hands” being confident and assured with respect to her comprehension of the legal principles and exercising a deft bedside manner with clients often grieving, stressed and in dispute with people they love.

Christine’s matters comprise all forms of commercial disputes and claims arising out of Wills and deceased estates, including any type of disputed testamentary disposition. In fact Christine has acted in a number of cases involving the disputed control of the body of a deceased person.


Thank you Alice Holman and Christine Vrahas

Owen Hodge – particularly Alice Holman and Christine Vrahas, with the help of co-partner James Kelly – were efficacious, pragmatic and most reassuring in the eighteen months we went into battle in a probate case….


Thank You Alice & Team – I would not have survived without you

Dear Alice and the Team,

I would like to thank you and your team for the help and guidance you have given me throughout the year…..

Jan Wilkinson

Thank you Owen Hodge Lawyers Hurstville

I would like to send a big thank you to the team at Owen Hodge Lawyer Hurstville for their collective effort to resolve my late Wife’s estate dispute and all before Christmas.


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