Neil has over twenty years experience in the business and finance sectors and has been involved with Owen Hodge Lawyers and OH Mortgage Solutions for over half of this time.

He is well respected amongst his peers and in the industry. In his role as Lending Manager with OH Mortgage Solutions, Neil continues to provide prompt, professional and personal service. Neil’s qualifications, coupled with his practical knowledge help to ensure the application process runs smoothly. He has a commitment to provide quality service at any time or place which may be convenient.

Neil’s financial background allows him to be aware of the needs of his clients. He communicates in such a way as to help make prudent decisions after considering all options. As the Australian financial sector becomes more complex and confusing, many couples and individuals require advice in choosing the product that is right for them. Neil is able to provide this advice in a manner which allows his clients to feel comfortable and confident they are obtaining the best possible results.

Neil is a CPA and a full member of FBAA and is accredited with a large number of lenders.